+7 (812) 380-53-57 Saint-Petersburg, Kurortniy district, Sestroretsk, 2B Voskov str.

Outside spaces

Outside space (chipping cover), up to 9,000 sqm
Outside space (chipping cover)
up to 9,000 sqm

Area: up to 9,000 sqm

Covered: with chipping

Access ways: truckloads/ load carrying vans

Purpose: storage/ parking

Asphalted outside space, up to 1,020 sqm
Asphalted outside space
up to 1,020 sqm

Area: up to 1,020 sqm

Covered: asphalt

Access ways: truckloads/ load carrying vans

Purpose: storage/ parking

Outside spaces

Advantages of renting the outside space on the territory of Industrial Park:

  • All outside spaces are located inside the fence surrounding Voskov IP territory;
  • Outside space can be rented with different covers: asphalt, chipping, sand etc.;
  • Any shape or dimension of the outside space can be fenced off for tenant's needs;
  • The lessor is ready to install sheds or lightweight constructions on the outside space upon request of the tenant;
  • Industrial park offers various types of premises for rent. The tenant can put production, outside storage and offices in one location;
  • All outside spaces offered have convenient transport access.

Potential purpose of the rented outside space:

  • Open storage (for cold resistant products);
  • Temporary storage (when repacking, sorting is required);
  • Seasonal parking of custom vehicles;
  • Container storage

Rental Rates for Outside spaces

Asphalt                         storage, repacking                          120 RUR/ sqm/ month VAT excl.
Chipping              storage, parking 80 RUR/sqm/month VAT excl.


Leasing Outside space in Sestroretsk has its geographical advantages. Traffic situation in the center of Saint-Petersburg is getting more difficult each day. While getting to Sestroretsk is easy and fast - mainly because you commute in the direction opposite to the main stream.

These are estimate commute times from various districts of Sait-Petersburg:

  • from Primorsky district  - 30-40 minutes by Ring Road of Speed Diameter;
  • from Vyborgsky district - 40-50 minutes;
  • from Kronshtadt - 30 minutes;
  • from South, South-West districts by Ring Road - about an hour;
  • from the territory to Ring Road - 7 km.



Location map

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